Small actions make a big difference: Join the CREDO Mobile Climate Project

Life as we know it is facing its end. Not in some far-off future, not in two generations or 200 years. Not then, now.

How in the world did we get here? Scientists first warned about climate change back in the mid-’60s. We humans—we collectively—should have listened. But instead we went on taking those small actions and making those small choices that brought us to where we are: near the end.

That’s how we got here. So how do we get out of here? The same way: small actions, small choices. Given the enormity of the climate crisis, it may sound hopeless. It isn’t. It’s the only hope we’ve got.

“Like the hummingbird in Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai’s inspiring tale, the little things we do in the face of the climate crisis are not insignificant drops in the vast ocean of challenges. Instead, they are the courageous acts of individuals who refuse to stand idle. Just as the tiny hummingbird carries water droplets to extinguish a forest fire, our collective ‘little things’ hold the power to ignite a wave of change that will shape a more sustainable and resilient world for generations to come.”

That’s Charity Migwi, Africa regional campaigner for, an African grassroots movement coming together to champion solutions that will ensure a better future for all. She knows small actions can save our planet.

We know it too. That’s why CREDO Mobile has partnered with and four other groups fighting for our climate—the Center for Biological Diversity, Earthjustice, the League of Conservation Voters and the YEARS Project—to launch the CREDO Climate Project, a campaign that encourages everyone to take those small yet meaningful actions that will halt climate change.

Actions like switching to electric school buses, stopping subsidies for the petrochemical industry and investing in clean-energy jobs. Yes, individually they seem small. But together they are mighty. Ready to start? Join the CREDO Climate Project.


Plant the tree

“Every little thing we do in the climate fight has the possibility of inspiring something greater,” says Vernon Church, managing director of the YEARS Project. “Greta Thunberg began by spending her Fridays standing outside the Swedish parliament holding a small sign. That simple act inspired millions to be warriors for the planet. It made us all realize we had a right and an obligation to fight for our future. Your job is not to ask how high people will climb. Your job is simply to plant the tree.”

Planting a tree is one way you can make a difference. There are many others. You can ride a bike to work or take public transit. You can eat more vegetables and less meat. You can give a lift to a voter at election time.

“Seemingly small actions around our elections like driving someone to the polls or registering just one more person to vote helps ensure more voters can access their rights and have a voice in their community,” says Justin Kwasa, Democracy Program director at the League of Conservation Voters. “The rights to breathe clean air, drink clean water and pass on a sustainable climate to future generations rely on a healthy democracy.”


Get politically active

Our government is divided as it has not been since the Civil War. Among all the many differences between the two major parties, the starkest is this: one believes in a better future and making long-term efforts to get there, the other is devoted to short-term profit—political profit for itself and monetary profit for the corporations that back it, whatever havoc they wreak on our world.

“The climate emergency is an all hands-on-deck situation, where everyone can make a difference,” says Jean Su, Energy Justice Program director at the Center for Biological Diversity. “While some of us can make consumer changes like switching to solar and being more energy-efficient, the biggest contribution people can make is getting politically active and urging President Biden and all of our political leaders to speed the end of fossil fuels. Their decisions ultimately control the U.S.’s unique position as the world’s largest oil and gas producer, and it’s up to us to get them to change their ways and use their vast legal powers to transition us off deadly fossil fuels and into just, renewable energy.”

They will, if we push them hard enough. Although many politicians seem beyond the reach of reason, they will act for the climate when it makes sense (and dollars)—which renewable energy now does. For instance, land-based, utility-scale wind turbines are one of today’s lowest-priced energy sources and even deeply conservative states populated by climate deniers are embracing wind. What state generates the most wind power? Deep-red, oil-loyal Texas. If you press your politicians to follow Texas’ example, we can get more renewable energy up and running across the U.S.

“Taking on powerful interests is no small matter, especially when it comes to the climate crisis,” says Zarah Patriana, senior digital-advocacy manager for Earthjustice. “Polluting industries are often well-resourced. However, our collective small actions of fighting for a cleaner and healthier environment can make a big difference. From flooding the phone lines of the White House to sending a letter to your Congressperson to marching in the streets—all of it adds up. Because decision-makers pay attention when they see that we are paying attention and that’s a pathway to creating change.”


Join CREDO Mobile

Here’s another pathway to creating change: switch to CREDO Mobile, the phone company that cares about our climate as much as you do. It’s a small action, yes, but it will make a difference. Just by using our service, you’ll generate donations for nonprofit groups fighting to save our planet, groups like our partners in the CREDO Mobile Climate Project.

These donations cost you nothing extra. But they mean everything to the nonprofits we support. Since 1985, we’ve given over $94 million to progressive groups dedicated to a better, more sustainable future.

Join today and you’ll get the good feeling that comes with knowing you support climate action, just by using your phone. And you’ll get everything you want from a phone company: fast, friendly customer service and nationwide coverage on the top-rated, most reliable network.