CREDO Mobile supports Banned Books Week in the fight against censorship

Book bans are in the news. But they’re not new. They’re yet another attempt by a small group of conservative extremists to tell the rest of us what we can think and do.

Seventy-three percent of Americans oppose book bans. Yet they go on, these right-wing crusaders, angrily demanding that schools and libraries across the country ban any book that reminds them the straight, white, regressive culture they revere is fading away. They say it’s about protecting the innocence of children. It’s not. It’s about suppressing the progressive ideas they fear and loathe.

We the people—the three-quarters of Americans who oppose book bans—can stop them. We can tell those extremists to keep their hands off our books and stop trying to control the minds of kids.

But to do it, we have to work together. We have to show up at schools and libraries, contact our elected officials, write letters to the editor and make our voice heard.

We can also unite around events like Banned Books Week, October 1-7, 2023, an annual event that advocates the value of free and open access to information and brings together the entire book community—librarians, educators, authors, publishers, booksellers and readers of all types—in support of the freedom to seek and express ideas.

CREDO Mobile stands against censorship. That’s why we’re a proud backer of Banned Books Week. And that’s why we just put up a list of banned books in the CREDO Mobile bookstore on connects readers with independent booksellers around the world. (Disclosure: CREDO Mobile is an affiliate of and will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.) knows that local bookstores are vital community hubs that foster culture, curiosity and a love of reading, and it’s committed to helping them thrive. The site gives independent bookstores a platform to compete against Amazon, as every purchase at the site supports independent bookstores financially and helps them maintain their presence in local communities. Make a purchase – of a banned book or any other book that interests you – at the CREDO Mobile store and you’ll also generate donations for progressive nonprofits.

Join us in the fight against censorship

We recognize the danger of censorship. We know who’s behind it, why they do it and we will always fight against it. We also support our partners in this fight with much-needed funding, including partners like Zinn Education Project, Facing History and Ourselves, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the ACLU, Teaching for Change and the American Library Association.

Since 1985, we’ve supported nonprofit groups like these, advocating for education and the free expression of ideas. All these donations are generated by our members, just by using our service. They cost nothing extra—but they mean everything to the groups we fund.

If you’re a CREDO Mobile member, thank you for standing with us against book bans and censorship. If you’re not a member, please consider joining now. You’ll get all you want from a phone company: the nation’s top-rated network, competitive plans, great deals on new phones and friendly, responsive customer service.

And you’ll get much more. You’ll get an easy, effective way to make a difference in the world by generating much-needed donations to progressive nonprofits fighting for the causes you believe in, like education, human rights and economic equality.