Stand with for a SAFE climate

The chaos around the presidential transition in Washington, D.C. is a stark reminder of the need for real leadership—individual and political—as we all work together for social justice and a stable climate. And the COVID-19 crisis has revealed how much our energy systems need to change in order for us to truly wean ourselves from fossil fuel dependence. Even though so many of us have been staying home a lot more, greenhouse emissions only went down 4-7%.

We all want a climate safe world—nobody wants to live through unmanaged climate chaos. And to stop this chaos, we must both stop expansion of the fossil fuel industry and implement a managed decline of fossil fuel production. And yet, fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal—80% of humanity’s climate impact—are consistently left out of international climate agreements like the Paris Climate Agreement. 

That’s right: fossil fuels aren’t even mentioned in the Paris Climate Agreement, and they’re rarely addressed by national governments or states, cities, and counties.

Fossil fuels? We need to talk

At, we see a way for everybody to work for a safe climate by making sure that fossil fuels are addressed by policies at all levels of government. A broad, locally-based movement can ensure local community health is protected from fossil fuels, while reducing demand for new oil and gas production can help protect sacred places like the Amazon Headwaters, the Arctic, and the Boreal forests—all places targeted for increased production of oil and gas.

To build such a broad, locally-based movement, is working to support individuals like you to take action to electrify everything—new and existing buildings, transportation, generation—and to ensure that no new fossil fuel production happens within city or county boundaries. 

In most US states, cities and counties have real power to control much of their own fossil fuel destinies, but local leaders and elected officials need support to do the right thing. Our SAFE Cities program provides a full suite of tools for individuals, cities, and counties to become SAFE—to Stand Against Fossil Fuel Expansion.

Real change will also take national and international action, and that’s why we’re directly supporting a Fossil Fuel Nonproliferation Treaty and encouraging individuals and cities to endorse it, too. An international movement calling for a fossil fuel treaty will move national governments to take action on fossil fuel production and stop climate chaos at the source. This movement is just starting: Vancouver, BC endorsed last month, and New York and Los Angeles are on the way! Let’s get your city moving too! is so, so much more… 

We’d love it if you joined us in supporting the Fossil Fuel Nonproliferation Treaty and its sister campaign SAFE Cities, but is so much more than that! 

We work to protect the Amazon Sacred Headwaters and Canadian old growth forests, to decarbonize the fashion and shipping industries, and to support and stand with frontline and Indigenous communities

Help ramp up our fight to challenge corporations and governments to treat people and the environment with respect by voting for in this month’s CREDO grant—because our lives depend on it.