The Trump era is finally over. CREDO is ready to welcome a new, more hopeful era in America.

Today, we finally wake up from our long, national nightmare and usher in a new, more hopeful era in America.

To say the last four years were difficult would be an understatement. The attacks on immigrants, women, Muslims, and Black and Brown communities. Climate denial, corruption and criminality. White supremacy. An incompetent response to a global pandemic. Two impeachments. The big lie of a stolen election and a domestic terror attack on our Capitol.

To our nonprofit grantees that tirelessly fought Trump’s hateful agenda over the last four years, your work has truly been invaluable.

To our voting rights allies that helped turn out millions, protect our vote and make the 2020 elections truly historic, you proved that our fragile American democracy, while needing much reform, is alive and well.

And to all our CREDO members who helped us fund hundreds of progressive organizations — more than $7.6 million donated over the last four years — we can’t thank you enough for your loyalty and support.

Now, as we look ahead with optimism to the next four years, we are excited to have so many incredible nonprofit partners and amazing CREDO customers who will join us in the fight for progress on civil rights and voting rights, for bold action on climate justice and reproductive freedom, for economic equality and peace.

Congratulations, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. You have a lot of work ahead, and CREDO, our allies and our members are hopeful for what’s to come.