CREDO victories and activism in September and October

One month ago, no one thought it was possible to stop Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. In fact, the experts and pundits all thought he would be confirmed by now. But they weren’t counting on multiple courageous women coming forward with sexual assault allegations, and they weren’t expecting such a massive grassroots uprising in opposition. We won’t know yet if we’ll be able to stop Kavanaugh, but we do know that we have a fighting chance because of grassroots activism. We’re proud of the role CREDO members have played in this fight – and we think you should be too.

Hundreds of thousands of CREDO members have signed petitions opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Tens of thousands have called Senate offices. We commissioned polling in Maine, Alaska and New York showing how unpopular Brett Kavanaugh is in those states. On Sept. 4, the first day of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, two CREDO executives were among the activists arrested for committing civil disobedience by disrupting the hearing. At the same time, CREDO’s mobile billboard was circulating on Capitol Hill to make clear that it is Sen. Chuck Schumer’s job to unite all Senate Democrats in opposition to Kavanaugh. We also drafted and spearheaded a scathing letter urging him to immediately do just that.

Our work in opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation has received extensive recognition in the media, with coverage in the New York Times, NBC News, Good Morning America, POLITICO Playbook, Think Progress, HuffPost and dozens of other publications.

It’s all hands on deck in the last days of the fight against Kavanaugh. If you’d like to take action today, you can sign our petition telling the Senate not to give an accused sexual predator a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. If you have a Republican senator, you can call as a constituent to demand a no vote on Kavanaugh. If you have Democratic senators, you can make a call to keep the pressure on Senate Republican leaders.

While working to keep an accused sexual predator off the Supreme Court occupied much of our time in September, we continued fighting on several other fronts.


Net Neutrality victory in California

On Sept. 30, we won a major victory when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed landmark net neutrality legislation into law. This victory was fueled by grassroots activism, including more than 30,000 CREDO members who signed petitions, thousands who made phone calls and those who showed up to more than a dozen in-district meetings CREDO organized with key members of the California Assembly.

As CREDO Campaign Manager Brandy Doyle told the San Jose Mercury News, “thanks to hundreds of thousands of activists who would not give up the fight against all odds, Californians will have real, meaningful net neutrality protections.”


Hyatt Hotels reject hate

Also in late September, the CEO of Hyatt Hotels announced that the company will no longer allow hate groups to hold conferences at its properties. This announcement came after nearly 60,000 CREDO members signed a petition telling Hyatt to cancel its contract with anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America and refuse to host their conferences at its hotels.

Separately, after more than 50,000 CREDO members signed a petition, Twitter announced in early September that it would permanently ban conservative conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from its platform.


Progressive leader Gov. Jay Inslee visits CREDO

On Sept. 14, we were honored to host Washington state’s progressive leader, Gov. Jay Inslee, for a special conversation at CREDO headquarters to discuss his work combating climate change, resisting Trump at the state level and key governors’ races across the country.


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Thank you for being a part of our movement for progressive change.