Furious. Grateful. Committed. Voting.

Furious. Grateful. Committed.

That’s how we’re feeling here at CREDO as the Senate gives Brett Kavanaugh a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

We’re furious at the misogyny and white supremacy that put a liar and accused sexual predator on the court. Furious that survivors have to reveal their trauma to get even a chance at justice but still aren’t believed. Furious at the Republican senators who just undermined survivors. Furious at Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin for helping them

We’re grateful for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, for Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick, and for every brave survivor who took the risk to tell their stories. Grateful for the senators who voted against Kavanaugh. And grateful for everyone who fought Kavanaugh from beginning to end. Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of CREDO members who submitted petition signatures, the tens of thousands who called and everyone who protested and attended vigils. Thank you to our friends at Center for Popular Democracy Action, Women’s March, Be a Hero and UltraViolet who tirelessly led the charge to bring the cancel Kavanaugh message to senators in D.C. – loud and clear. Thanks to allies and activists across the country who stood up and demanded to be heard.

And we are committed. We are going to work to impeach Kavanaugh, hold Sen. Manchin and Republicans accountable and demand the leadership we need from congressional Democrats. We are going to defend our communities, our bodies, our environment and our democracy. And on Nov. 6, we are going to vote. We’re going to vote against misogyny, racism, bigotry and greed. We’re going to vote for equality, justice and freedom. We’re going to vote for all of us and the future we deserve.

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Thanks for everything you do.