Victory: California enacts meaningful net neutrality protections

Huge grassroots victory! Thanks to hundreds of thousands of activists, including thousands of CREDO members who would not give up the fight against all odds, Californians will have real, meaningful net neutrality protections.

Californians won out against one of the most powerful lobbies in Sacramento. AT&T and other Big Telecom companies opposed this bill with everything they had. But our activism helped to overcome the massive spending by huge corporations trying to stop this important legislation.

Here are some quick statistics highlighting the activism of our members in California that helped secure this victory:

  • 30,000+ PETITION SIGNATURES: More than 30,000 CREDO members in California have signed a petition calling on the legislature to “protect the free and open internet in California.” The petition can be found here.
  • 2,750+ PHONE CALLS: CREDO members have made more than 2,750 phone calls to the offices of key Assembly members and state senators in support of S.B. 822.
  • 15 IN-DISTRICT MEETINGS: In July and August, CREDO helped organize 15 in-district meetings between constituents and the offices of key Assembly members.

We thank Gov. Brown for standing with us and protecting the future of the internet and all our communities who depend on it.

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