CREDO is rising up for climate, jobs and justice every day

Thanks in part to CREDO members and thousands of activists across the world who joined us and our allies on Sept. 8, the Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice marches were a big success. More than 250,000 people spanning all seven continents took to the streets to demand that world leaders transition from dirty fossil fuels to renewable energy.

In San Francisco, CREDO members, many of our staff and our Rise for Climate posters were out in full force on the streets marching with tens of thousands of other demonstrators who turned out for “what is being hailed as the largest climate march the West Coast has ever seen.”

But the Rise for Climate marches were just the beginning of a week filled with climate activism. On Thursday, climate justice activists, led by frontline communities, risked arrest taking over the streets to block entrance to Governor Jerry Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco which brought leaders and experts from across the world to discuss the climate crisis.



Again, during the summit, indigenous and frontline leaders disrupted the proceedings, shouting “Mother Earth is not for sale!” and “Water is not for sale!” while being removed from the room.



CREDO also ramped up the pressure on Gov. Brown leading into the Global Climate Action Summit. As Donald Trump and his administration continue to deny the climate crisis and withdraw us from global climate agreements, we know that Gov. Brown must use his office and global influence to take real action and create a safer and more equitable future for billions of people around the world.

That’s why we launched a petition calling on the governor to “commit California to no new fossil fuels and put us on a path to real action on climate change and healthier communities.” More than 15,000 CREDO members in California signed the petition.

And it appears the pressure on Gov. Brown is working. The governor agreed “to shift the state to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045. He also issued an executive order establishing a target for the state to become carbon neutral by the same year.”

But with climate change intensifying hurricanes and wildfires, warming oceans, and making drought worse, these actions by CREDO and our allies to pressure politicians, corporations and key decision makers to seriously address the climate crisis are just the beginning – and CREDO is proud to help lead the fight.

We’ve donated more than $19 million to progressive organizations fighting for climate justice, and our CREDO Action activists are organizing every day to keep fossil fuels in the ground and protect communities affected by the fossil fuel industry and climate change.

We’ve also recently launched CREDO Energy in partnership with Energy Rewards to help consumers offset their home’s energy consumption with sustainably produced electricity and power positive social change. Find out if CREDO Energy is available in your area.