Vote for these three progressive groups this October

Every month, CREDO members help us choose how to distribute our monthly donation to three great progressive groups. This month, you can vote for organizations fighting for civil rights, reproductive rights and economic justice by casting your ballot for Center for Media Justice, Planned Parenthood and Working Families Party.

 Center for Media Justice
The Center for Media Justice fights for racial and economic equity in a digital age. Its mission is to build a powerful movement for a more just and participatory media and digital world – with racial equity and human rights for all.

Funding from CREDO members would help Center for Media Justice organize with local partners to aggressively pursue the technology and data companies that are currently enabling the FBI, Immigrations and Customs and Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security to violate people of color’s  human rights.

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood is America’s most trusted provider of sexual and reproductive health care and provides trusted, affordable health services to more than 8,000 women, men and young people each day.

In the current political climate, Planned Parenthood’s ability to provide its vital services is threatened as never before. Funding from CREDO will help ensure that Planned Parenthood’s health services remain available to those who need them most.

Working Families Party
Working Families Party is the people-powered progressive party fighting for the many, not just the privileged few. It believes that our children’s life chances must not be determined at birth, and America must be a nation that allows all its people to thrive.

Support from CREDO members will enable Working Families Party to identify, recruit and train the next generation of progressive leaders to run for office and help grow and support the activist base that can elect them.

Your vote this October will determine how we divide our monthly donation among these three progressive groups. Be sure to cast your vote to support one, two or all three by October 31.

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