Victory: CREDO members pressure Starbucks to reduce plastic

Activism to hold corporations accountable works. We’re proud to announce that CREDO and our partners at and the Break Free from Plastic Coalition successfully pressured Starbucks to create a 100% recyclable cup. The coffee giant announced it is putting $10 million into research to create a 100% recyclable and compostable cup to be introduced in stores within 3 years.

More than 85,000 CREDO members signed a petition urging the company to “go beyond its 2008 commitments, including a switch to recyclable cups and a 25 percent increase in reusable cup usage.”

Because of CREDO members’ activism, Starbucks was feeling the pressure, as they made this announcement the day before their annual shareholders meeting – exactly when our petition signatures were to be delivered.

But our work to hold Starbucks accountable isn’t over. We will have to keep the pressure on because Starbucks has gone back on similar promises in the past – but they are definitely in the spotlight to take real action now.