CREDO is building the capacity of progressive activists in key states

Across the country, millions are mobilizing in opposition to Trump and his dangerous, racist agenda –- and thanks to the CREDO members who use our products every day, CREDO is now leading the charge to train an “army of activists” in key states to resist Trump and fight for our progressive values.

With our new program, Project Fierce Urgency, we are training progressive activists and volunteers in effective digital skills to mount aggressive issue-based political advocacy operations to organize the resistance in key states.

At these free two-day trainings, we’re teaching activists how to use digital media to organize in their communities, construct simple yet effective messages, identify clear targets, and tell powerful stories to evoke emotional responses and get local communities to take action.

For example, we teach the best practices of Facebook live streams to amplify live events over social media, how to utilize tools like Slack to stay connected with local organizers and the power of creating engaging online content and how to distribute it effectively.

But the Fierce Urgency Project is more than just training – training alumni stay connected with each other through Slack and Facebook and are able to build community with each other to support local action.Here’s how our Denver alum, Karin Asensio, summed up her training in November:

In the two day training I learned three important things. First, I learned that I am not alone. There are incredible leaders and volunteers throughout my area. Now, when I need to pull together a protest, I know who to message or call.

I learned that not only do I have a story but that story and how we talk about our organizing is how we build power. It’s so simple but until the session on “story of self,” I never connected this to my organizing.

And finally, I learned how to “respect the inbox.” Basically, it means I learned how to respect the time of everyone in our community. Again, pretty simple, but learning how to minimize the volume of communications helps all of us use our time wisely.

So far, we’ve held trainings in Colorado and Ohio, and we have two more trainings scheduled for Nevada in April and Nebraska in May, with more trainings to come.

If you or someone you know would like to apply for our upcoming training in Las Vegas, please click here.


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