CREDO Mobile Earns Top Marks for Protecting Consumer Privacy

CREDO is the only carrier to receive 5 stars from EFF

New report on privacy practices shows CREDO Mobile’s dedication to safeguarding customer data

A new report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation evaluating top tech companies’ consumer privacy protections recognized CREDO Mobile’s dedication to safeguarding customer data in all five categories evaluated. The report, Who Has Your Back? Government Data Requests 2017 is available here. CREDO Mobile is the only mobile carrier to receive five stars; all other mobile carriers evaluated received one star.

The report analyzed thousands of requests by the United States Government for consumer data and surveillance attempts, and evaluated the companies’ responses against industry best practices. Baseline best practices include publishing a transparency report and requiring a warrant before releasing user content to the government.

“At CREDO, we stand for protecting internet privacy and have a long history of fighting for it,” said CREDO Mobile CEO Ray Morris. “By leading the way in adopting policies to protect consumers, promote transparency, and resist government overreach, we’re living our progressive values in a way that truly matters for our members.”

CREDO Mobile received recognition in all five categories: following industry-wide best practices, telling users about government data requests, promising not to sell out users, standing up to national security letter gag orders and having pro-user public policies. Only nine companies received credit in each category. CREDO Mobile has received a perfect score each time it has been evaluated in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “Who Has Your Back?” reports.