Video: Empowering activists to resist Trumpcare with their personal stories

Trumpcare, the Republican plan to gut health care for millions of Americans, defund Planned Parenthood and raise insurance premiums across the country, is a cruel, heartless and deadly legislation.

This Republican plan is so unpopular that cowardly Republican senators have been avoiding their constituents in recent weeks by refusing to host town hall meetings or public events.

That’s why leading up to recent legislative action in Congress CREDO had been working to empower people across the country with our Resist Trumpcare video project to lift up the health care stories of people in key states who have the most to lose if Republicans pass Trumpcare.

Dozens of CREDO members in key states submitted their personal video stories to speak out against the Republicans’ reckless assaults on our health care and social safety net. We’ve compiled some moving stories in a powerful video that you can watch below, and if you’d like to submit your own story, please click here.