Mobile app of the month: Countable


When you think of the tools and tactics of the resistance to Donald Trump and heartless extremists in Congress, you might think petitions, marches, protests, sit-ins, letters, phone calls or even civil disobedience.

What if you had another tool that could allow you to record a video for policymakers without ever leaving your house?

Now you do. Countable, a startup located in San Francisco, enables people to know what their elected officials are up to and record video messages telling them directly how to vote on upcoming bills.

With Countable’s free Android or iOS app, you can read plain language summaries of upcoming legislation, tell your representatives how to vote by clicking “yea” or “nay” on the bills and make 30 second videos that will be sent to your lawmakers.

At CREDO, we’re using Countable to allow our members to share their own stories and promote our donations grantees. For example, to keep up the pressure on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protect net neutrality, we’ve asked partners and CREDO activists to record short videos describing why net neutrality is important to them. We’ll be delivering the videos directly to the FCC. Moreover, to make sure Republican Senators in key states hear directly from their constituents about Trumpcare, we’ve asked CREDO members in those states to record video messages telling their own stories. You can watch our powerful compilation of health care stories here.

We’re also asking CREDO members to record videos to explain why they joined CREDO Mobile or voted for their favorite progressive organizations during our monthly donations voting program.

You can learn more about the app and the company on their website.