A New York Times article that every AT&T customer should read.

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a front page story about a special, decades-long partnership between the NSA and AT&T.

AT&T customers in particular need to read about their telecom’s “extreme willingness to help” carry out unconstitutional surveillance programs for the U.S. government. Please read and share the news reports below.

CREDO Mobile supports full repeal of the illegal surveillance state as the only way to protect Americans from illegal government spying, and we challenge AT&T to demonstrate concern for its customers constitutional rights by joining us in public support of repealing both the Patriot Act and FISA Amendments Act.

We’ve donated more than $2 million to groups working to stop government surveillance. Since 2001, CREDO has given $2,236,036 to organizations like the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Demand Progress, Fight for the Future, and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee that are fighting to rein in government surveillance.

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