Nonprofits we’re funding in August

So far this month, more than 130,000 CREDO members have voted to allocate donations among the three groups we’re funding this month. Here’s your chance to join in: Vote by August 31.

These are the amazing groups we’re giving to in August. Your vote helps us decide how we distribute close to $200,000 among them.

Tell us how to donate with your vote

ColorOfChange is the nation’s largest online civil rights organization, building grassroots political power for African-Americans and working for social change for all people.

Institute for America’s Future
Institute for America’s Future develops an economic agenda and message to promote economic populism in the United States, fighting austerity and economic inequality while organizing to protect Social Security and rein in Wall Street.

Union of Concerned Scientists
Union of Concerned Scientists uses rigorous science to defend the environment and fight for a healthier world.

Be sure to cast your ballot by August 31, 2015.