Dazed and confused? Maine’s Tea Party governor writes me a letter

Earlier this year, over 1,200 CREDO activists in Maine signed a petition we had launched urging Governor Paul LePage to drop a politically motivated lawsuit against President Obama’s executive orders to keep immigrant families together.

In response, the governor sent a bizarre handwritten response to me, personally. No, seriously, Governor LePage wrote me back.

Here is the letter we received from Governor LePage late last week:

It looks like Maine’s governor doesn’t understand that the lawsuit he and other extreme right-wing Republican governors filed targets specific government officials.

Clearly, Governor LePage is very confused. That’€™s why we sent him this handwritten response:

If you you want to read through quickly here is the text of the governor’s note to yours truly:

“I am in receipt of a letter from you concerning a lawsuit against President Obama. I believe you mistake me for someone else! I do not have a lawsuit against President Obama. I did file a lawsuit against illegal immigrants taking state money against state and federal laws. The United States was founded by the rule of law.”

And here is our response we are mailing out today:

“Thank you on behalf of 3.8 million members of CREDO Action, including 18,000+ in Maine, for your handwritten note dated July 28, 2015. Though I realize you’ve been very busy with a lawsuit by House Speaker Mark Eves, legislative investigations, and possible impeachment, I was still surprised to learn that you are unaware of the lawsuit you filed on December 9, 2014. I am including a copy of the suit for your reference. If your name (one of only four governors) was erroneously included on this filing I recommend contacting Texas Attorney General and current Governor Greg Abbott who organized this filing.

Also please note that €œillegal immigrants€ are not listed as a defendant in the attached document, however the United States of America, whose Chief Executive at this time is President Barack Obama,€“ is included. I look forward to further clarification of this matter

Want to help in keeping up the public pressure? You too can write to Governor LePage. Here are some quick quick talking points you can use in your letter:

  • Your lawsuit against President Obama’s executive actions to keep immigrant families together is cruel and clearly politically motivated.
  • Without a permanent solution in place, the president’s actions will keep immigrant families from being ripped apart due to our broken immigration system.
  • You must drop your frivolous lawsuit against President Obama’€™s executive action protecting the families of Maine immigrants and millions of aspiring Americans.

Once you’ve written your letter, it’d be great if you can tweet a picture of your note and tweet the image to @CREDOMobile or email the photo to lepageletters@credoaction.com. We’d like to feature your letters on social media to ensure the Maine media and Governor LePage get the message loud and clear.

Here’s the address to send your letter:

Office of the Governor
1 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0001

LePage and other right wing GOP governors are clearly feeling the heat. Let’s keep up the pressure.