Giving travel advice? Do it with a Google Maps List

Giving advice: we all like to do it, most of us, anyway. And we especially like giving travel advice, telling friends and family who are on a trip about the best places to visit in our hometown — or any town we know well, be it Paris, France, or Paris, Texas.

One way to give travel advice is to write an email, maybe craft a long text or talk on the phone. But there’s a better way: create and share a List in Google Maps.

It’s easy to do

First, open the Google Maps app. Then, tap the Saved tab at the bottom. A side menu will open and from there you can create a new List or add locations to one of the Google Maps preset Lists: Favorites, Want to go, Starred places, Labeled and Travel plans.

Let’s say you choose to put your List of locations in Travel plans. Tap Travel plans and a new side menu will open. Tap Add, then tap Map, then tap the icon of the location you want to add to your List.

You might have a visiting friend who’s a coffee lover. You can tap all your favorite cafes in Google Maps and they’ll be added to your Travel plans List. Or, in that original side menu, you can tap New list, name it Best Cafes and put all your favorites there. Tap Choose icon and you can add an emoji to your List.

When you’re finished, tap Save at the top right. Your List will be saved and will appear in the side menu whenever you open Google Maps and tap the Saved tab. If you want to add new locations later, just tap the location in Google Maps, tap Save, choose the List you want to add the location to, then tap Done. Or you can open your List and add locations to it by tapping icons in Google Maps.

As you compile your List, you can also add photos and notes for each location. Google Maps will suggest photos as you go, if they’re available.

Share your List

To share your List, find it in the initial side menu, then tap the three dots next to it. Tap Share list and you can share it via text, email, Facebook Messenger or via another platform. Google Maps will then send a link to the recipient, which will take them to your List.

You can also invite others to contribute to your List. Just tap your List to open it, then tap Invite collaborators.

For a 25-second YouTube explainer on Lists from Google, click here.

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