A Thanksgiving message

Thanksgiving. As much as it’s about food, festivities and gratitude, it’s also about community. About reaffirming our connection with family, friends and all those who share our hopes, concerns and beliefs.

For us, that’s you. You’re a member of the CREDO Mobile community and you share our belief that, together, we can create a better world. Which we are. With your help, we’re making a real difference for the progressive causes we care about, causes like climate justice, economic fairness and equal rights for everyone.

For this, we thank you. Thanks for supporting us, for voting in our monthly donations election, for reading our blog posts and emails.

Thanks especially if you’re a customer of CREDO Mobile. Because just by using our service, you generate much-needed donations for the nonprofit groups that depend on us to fund the vital work they do. Groups like Stand.earth, Planned Parenthood and the National LGBTQ Task Force.

And like Feeding America, which is fighting food security this holiday season and beyond. We’re grateful to be able to donate 500,000 meals as part of the organization’s meaningful Thanksgiving effort, thanks to customers like you.

Also thanking you are the nonprofits we support. Please take a moment to read messages of gratitude from a few of the groups that rely on us—and you—to do what they do.