CREDO Climate Survey shows people know it’s an emergency and are ready to act

The first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge that there is one.

Well, climate change is a problem. “We are in the early phase of a climate emergency,” warns a recent report co-authored by preeminent climate scientist James Hansen. And most people now acknowledge that it is. In a September poll by the Pew Research Center, 71% of Americans said climate change is causing some harm or a great deal of harm to people in the U.S. today.

Meanwhile, progressives—who always lead the way to solutions—are near unanimous in recognition of the climate crisis. In our just-released CREDO Climate Survey, over 95% of respondents said they’re “extremely worried” or “very worried” about climate change.


Now is the time for action

So we acknowledge the problem, at least most of us do. We must now get to work on solutions. Encouragingly, people say they’re ready and willing to start. Our survey asked respondents if they agree or disagree that they have a personal responsibility to take action to fight the climate crisis and over 98% said they “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree.”

“Each of us has a moral and ethical responsibility to do all possible for the survival of the Earth and all its creatures,” said one respondent. “I consider it a moral and spiritual call to care for creation,” said another. “I want to do my part as an individual and also engage in action with others to change systems because we need to do that to have any hope of keeping the planet livable.”

So how do we do it? We do it ourselves and we do it together. We know climate action won’t happen if we wait around for government and business. Asked how much responsibility individuals should take for the climate crisis, over 86% of respondents to our survey agreed, “A lot; it is all our shared responsibility to make change and create a sustainable future.”


CREDO Climate Project makes a difference

What government can do, what business can do, is offer solutions that make a difference so people can get started. That’s why we set up the CREDO Climate Project. The 6-week program was a partnership with five amazing nonprofits:, Center for Biological Diversity, Earthjustice, the League of Conservation Voters and the Years Project. It presented 15 ways to take meaningful action at this critical time, from joining September’s March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City to telling the Federal Trade Commission to launch an investigation into electric utility companies that are blocking the transition to renewable energy to protect their profits.

The response was impressive and we thank everyone who got involved. Dozens joined the March to End Fossil Fuels. Almost a thousand urged the FTC to investigate electric utilities. Over 500 signed up to get climate action alerts from Earthjustice and over 400 signed up to volunteer with the League of Conservation Voters.

These actions alone will not solve the climate crisis. We know this. We also know that the only way the crisis will be solved is with small actions taken by many people. Some may look at the enormity of the climate crisis and conclude that small actions are hopeless. They’re not. They’re the only hope we’ve got.


Fight the fire: Join CREDO Mobile

Last summer (the hottest ever recorded, by a “mind-blowing” margin) we took another survey. We asked our partners in the CREDO Climate Project how the actions of CREDO Mobile members are helping in the fight to save our planet. We got a lot of encouraging replies and we’d like to share this one, from Charity Migwi, Africa regional campaigner for, an African grassroots movement coming together to champion climate solutions.

“Like the hummingbird in Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai’s inspiring tale, the little things we do in the face of the climate crisis are not insignificant drops in the vast ocean of challenges. Instead, they are the courageous acts of individuals who refuse to stand idle. Just as the tiny hummingbird carries water droplets to extinguish a forest fire, our collective ‘little things’ hold the power to ignite a wave of change that will shape a more sustainable and resilient world for generations to come.”

Here’s a little thing you can do now: join CREDO Mobile. It’s a small step—switching is easy—but it will make a real impact in the effort to save our planet. Join us and, just by using your phone, you’ll generate vital donations for nonprofit groups combatting climate change.

To date, we’ve donated over $20 million to groups fighting to save our climate. With your help, we’ll donate much more in the months ahead. These donations cost you nothing extra. But they mean everything to the nonprofits that rely on us for support.

Switch to CREDO Mobile and you’ll get all you want from a phone company: the nation’s top-rated network, competitive plans, great deals on new phones and friendly, responsive customer service.

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