Help get out the vote to make a big impact this midterm election

Election Day is just around the corner — and in many states across the country, the results are going to be extremely close. 

The difference could mean electing an anti-abortion, pro-insurrectionist to office who is deadset on overturning the next election, or voting in someone who believes in climate justice, women’s rights and protecting our democracy.

Don’t wake up the morning after the election and wish you had done more to help get out the vote! You can get involved today with a proven, effective, and simple way to turn out the vote by writing letters to voters in competitive races across the country with our allies at Vote Forward — right from your home.

Midterm elections are all about turnout, and handwritten letters have proven to be an effective way to encourage voters to participate in elections. 

That’s why our allies at Vote Forward facilitate volunteer letter writing to voters in competitive races across the country on a drop date in late October when receiving a nudge to vote is most powerful. 

Vote Forward letters are among the most effective voter contact tactics tested in 2020, and the Vote Forward team is pushing toward a big letter-writing goal for 2022. Your help writing letters to voters asking them to vote can make a real difference!

This year’s letter writing program, “The Big Send,” is a coalition effort powered by volunteers invested in strengthening our democracy, to send millions of letters encouraging voters in key states to make their voices heard in the midterm elections.

It’s not too late to sign up to volunteer to help with this last minute, effective get-out-the-vote effort to make a difference this midterm election.

Visit to learn more, or register for a new letter writer orientation training to jump right in.