5 Ways You Can Get Involved Right Now in the November Election

This year’s midterm election is one of the most consequential in our lifetimes. So many of the important issues we care about — from reproductive freedom and civil rights, to economic justice, voting rights and climate change — are all on the ballot in one way or another this year.

If you’re interested in getting involved in a substantive way — more than just chipping in $5 to your favorite candidate — here are 5 ways you can help protect and expand the progress we’ve made over the years, because too much is at stake to sit this one out.

#1 — Make a plan to vote

First thing’s first: it’s time to make a plan to cast your ballot on or before Election Day November 8. That means checking your voter registration (or register if you haven’t), learning about early and absentee voting in your state, and locating your polling place or voter dropbox.

Our grantee Vote.org has everything you need to vote in this election, with tools to register to vote, find where you can cast your ballot and a lot more.

Visit https://www.vote.org/ to learn more.

#2 — Write letters to voters in competitive races

Handwritten letters have proven to be an effective way to encourage voters to participate in elections.

Our allies at Vote Forward facilitate volunteer letter writing to voters in competitive races across the country on a drop date in late October when receiving a nudge to vote is most powerful — and your letters to voters could help increase turnout.

Visit https://votefwd.org/credomobile to learn more, or register for a new letter writer orientation training to jump right in.

#3 — Mobilize women voters with Supermajority

Despite the doom and gloom you may see on the news, especially concerning women’s rights, our grantee partners at Supermajority know that there are very specific and achievable things we can do right now to turn things around and make this country work for women

Their 2022 campaign Activate260 is recruiting 1,000 “Women Are Voting Captains” this year who are a dedicated team of women working to mobilize 2.5 million women in our five key states before Election Day.

If you want to help make real progress for women and want an important way to get involved, check out their Activate260 campaign page to sign up and learn more.

#4 — Build power with Black Voters Matter

The mission of our grantees at Black Voters Matter is to increase civic engagement and power building in predominantly Black communities. 

Their 2022 campaign and tour is titled We Won’t Black Down” and will make stops across the country up to November 8 to engage with Black voters, policymakers, faith-based leaders, Black influencers and HBCU students. (Click here to find a stop near you)

They are looking for volunteers who want to join their power building team and make a real impact. Sign up for their virtual training “Intro to the Power Building Team” and learn how you can get involved.

#5 — Talk to your friends and family about voting

According to our friends at the ACLU, friend-to-friend contact can increase voter turnout by up to 8 percent and have up to two times more impact than a cold call, text, or door knock.

That’s why they are asking supporters to talk to friends and family to have a big impact this election to ensure more people head to the polls to protect our rights. 

Learn more about their “Friends Ask Friends to Vote” initiative, then pledge to vote for your values to receive updates from the ACLU on more ways you can get involved.