This Big Telecom company enabled the deadly riot on the U.S. Capitol

More than a year and a half ago, insurrectionists who were incited by Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol building to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

Five people died, countless innocent people were injured and our fragile democracy has been on the brink ever since.

But did you know that a certain Dallas-based Big Telecom company bears some responsibility for this deadly riot?

It’s true. This well-known Big Telecom company — that has long donated to right-wing causes and Republican politicians — gave over $2 million to the 130 politicians who believed the “Big Lie” and announced they would not vote to certify the election.

Reporting by Judd Legum at the time revealed that AT&T gave $2,053,000 to 130 Republicans who announced that they would overturn the will of the voters and object to certifying then-President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral college victory.

These same far-right politicians fanned the flames of subverting our democracy which led to the domestic terrorist attack on the U.S Capitol.

Make no mistake: As the largest corporate contributor to this group of traitors, AT&T bears responsibility for enabling the Republicans who peddled lies and helped encourage the rioters who tried to overthrow our democracy. 

Even after announcing that it would not donate to the Republican members of Congress who objected to certification, AT&T quietly restarted its political giving to right-wing political committees that will support the re-election campaigns of these same election objectors.

Unlike AT&T, CREDO is committed to financially supporting our progressive allies who fight for civil rights, economic justice, voting rights, peace, women’s rights, climate justice and equality.

These donations are just another example of AT&T’s long history of supporting the right-wing agenda, which includes hundreds of thousands donated to politicians who supported the Texas abortion ban and voter suppression bills, $2 million donated to Donald Trump, more than $1.1 million to Republicans during the 2020 election, and a history of supporting racist, anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ lawmakers

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