Women are the largest voting group in the country — Supermajority is making sure our leaders don’t forget it.

For decades, women, especially women of color, have been the backbone of our democracy. Women have been the majority of voters in every presidential election since 1964. But our country is still not working for us. The pandemic has deeply exposed the structural inequities that have always existed for women. It’s long overdue that our government listens to us and prioritizes us.

At Supermajority, we believe women can be the most powerful political force in this country, but only if we organize across our shared values. Supermajority uses values-based organizing to build women’s civic power. We’re building a multiracial coalition of women who are ready to vote together, have difficult conversations together, and make this world work for women.

Supermajority is giving women the skills, tools, and support they need to mobilize other women in their lives, have deep meaningful conversations with women frequently excluded from political programs, and a community to do this work. Our uniting values based agenda has already brought millions of racially diverse women together since we launched in 2019.

Our values based agenda, the Majority Rules:Supermajority is working to build this aspirational, long-term vision of gender equity and pairing it with our superpower: organizing women who share our values but may not already be civically engaged.

Like many organizations, it’s been quietly busy here at Supermajority for the past nine months. After the 2020 election, we worked hard to regroup, set our sights on the next four years, and analyze the results of our programs.

Here’s what we learned: By Election Day 2020, our team of volunteers contacted 4.5 million voters, 93% of this community voted, and countless more in the circles of Supermajority members had tough conversations about voting, misinformation, and the power of women to determine the outcome of the election and every election going forward. Women, led by Black women, voted overwhelmingly to move this country forward.

The truth is women won the 2020 election. And after four years of Donald Trump, and months into a global pandemic, that felt more than great — it was a relief.

But after the Biden-Harris administration was sworn in and the celebration came to a close, we were still left with the reality of modern-day America. A reality where we didn’t know whether George Floyd’s murderer would be held accountable. A reality where GOP state lawmakers work overtime to pass voter suppression and anti-trans bills. A reality where we need to have all hands on deck to fight to pass funding for the care economy and for paid leave. And a reality where the precedent set by Roe v. Wade is being challenged in the Supreme Court.

These realities are why I’m constantly reminded our work cannot happen only every four years. It can’t only happen when it’s time to vote for the president. And it can’t only happen three months before Election Day. It has to happen every year.

In 2021, we are focused on Virginia. We’re training members of this team to have deep canvassing conversations with young women to make sure that they turn out. Keeping Virginia blue means we can help prevent copycat bills that will restrict voting rights and abortion access, among other things from being passed.

Organizing is sometimes slow work. It’s sometimes hard work. And we are not promised a quick win, an easy fight, or endless resources. We are promised moments of joy, conviction, and laughter. Those moments are what keep me going.

That, and the vision of the world we’re working toward: a world where our lives are safe, our bodies are respected, our work is valued, our families are supported, our government represents us, and the lives and experiences of women, particularly women of color, are front and center in addressing all of our nation’s challenges.

It’s clear that we’re not there yet. But I believe one day, we will be. And in the meantime, I’m moving forward for my girls.

I wouldn’t be in this role if I didn’t believe with my entire heart and soul that women can change this country for good.

On my wishlist for next year? Contacting over 3 million young women in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia to protect the Senate and give the Biden administration more runway to pass sweeping progressive legislation.