Sunrise Movement pressures the media to cover climate change (thanks in part to CREDO members!)

Last year, thanks to the support from tens of thousands of CREDO members voting to donate to Sunrise Movement, our country experienced a sea change in how the news reports on the climate crisis.

In all of 2019, the mainstream media spent 4 hours total covering climate change, despite historic floods and fires. That changed after Sunrise launched our #Climate Debate campaign, calling for the Democratic candidates for president to spend significant time discussing their solutions to the crisis. Our movement led a 3 day sit-in of dozens of young people blockading the DNC headquarters calling for an end to this media blackout.

Our actions resulted in multiple climate panels and forums on cable news devoted to climate action and the presidential primary. The highest profile of these, CNN’s Climate Crisis Town Hall, resulted in 7 hours of sustained coverage of climate change in the news. We couldn’t have done it without CREDO’s help.

While we started out in 2017 with a dozen members, Sunrise Movement has grown into one of the largest youth-led organizations in the country, with more than 350 volunteer-driven hubs in all fifty states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico. We lead the struggle to make climate change an urgent political priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people. Sunrise fights for good jobs and a livable future through bold, equitable, federal climate action in the form of the Green New Deal.

We now face a pivotal moment in our country’s history. The 2020 elections will have global ramifications, representing our last best chance to prevent irreversible damage to our homes by finally introducing comprehensive legislation to halt the climate crisis while building a more just and equitable society. Thanks in part to our movement, Joe Biden recently announced a major shift in his climate platform, adopting the just frameworks that we’ve been fighting for. We pushed him to embrace a more aggressive timeline for a 100% clean electricity transition, now at 2035 instead of 2050. That’s the power of our movement. But we know we can’t stop now.

We need your help. To support Green New Deal champions across the country, our movement has made over 1.6 million calls across the country in just a few months, driving progressive candidates to victory in both red and blue districts. Ahead of the November general election, we are continuing this push to ensure that the Green New Deal becomes flagship policy. Learn more about the fight and sign up to join us here:

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