CREDO joins Planned Parenthood to protect access to birth control

This month, the Supreme Court ruled that employers can deny birth control coverage to their workers based on a religious or moral objection. This decision puts birth control coverage at risk for millions of women, especially low income women, and we are outraged at yet another affront to women’s reproductive rights.

But we are also resolute and unwavering in our commitment to providing no-cost birth control coverage for our employees. 

Just weeks before this ruling, CREDO again joined Planned Parenthood’s #BusinessForBC campaign, a public pledge to guarantee employee birth control coverage and to support policies that protect reproductive health care access for all workers. We have called on other companies and business leaders to join us to ensure affordable birth control access is covered, no matter what.

CREDO will always work to ensure gender equality in our company, and we will never stop fighting for the rights of women across America. We understand deeply that reproductive care, including birth control, is essential health care for all workers and is critical for diversity and inclusion, recruitment, retention, advancement and financial stability for all of our employees.

We’ve always been proud to stand with Planned Parenthood, and we’re honored to be one of their largest corporate donors. Our members have helped us donate more than $3.5 million to the organization, and over $10.5 million to groups fighting for women’s rights and reproductive health.

In light of this misguided Supreme Court ruling, it is more important than ever that companies commit to protecting access to birth control for their workers. We urge other businesses to join us and sign the pledge on Planned Parenthood’s website.