Thank you to CREDO members for a successful Climate Strike

This September, millions of people across the globe joined the Global Climate Strike, the week-long, youth-led movement to end the age of fossil fuels and stop the climate crisis.

We’re proud of our members who helped to play an important role in this year’s Climate Strike and lift up the voices of millions of young people fighting to save our planet.

Here’s some of what CREDO, our employees and our members are doing for climate justice:


Additional $50,000 donated to groups fighting for climate justice

This September, 36,000 CREDO members voted to help us distribute an extra $50,000 to five groups fighting for climate justice and a Green New Deal. Here are these five great groups and how much each received:

  • Climate Justice Alliance / $12,300
  • US Youth Climate Strike / $11,650
  • Sunrise Movement / $10,350
  • Data for Progress / $7,900
  • NY Renews / $7,800


CREDO joins Climate Strikers across the country

On Sept. 20, CREDO employees – including Ray, our CEO – walked out of work and marched with climate strikers in rallies across the country. We joined Patagonia, Levi Strauss, Ben & Jerry’s, Lush Cosmetics and others, to enlist as many of our employees and customers in the strike as possible as part of the Global Climate Strike Business Working Group. 

We designed and distributed new climate strike posters for activists and CREDO members to display during the strikes. (But we were especially fond of the homemade posters we saw that day.)


CREDO activists fighting for the climate

In September, our campaigners at CREDO Action helped to turn out thousands of climate strikers to events across the country. In the last few months, tens of thousands of CREDO activists have taken action to urge big banks and universities to divest from fossil fuels, demanded that the Democratic National Committee hold a climate debate, and told California Gov. Gavin Newsom to phase out all fossil fuel projects

This past year, hundreds of thousands of CREDO members have signed petitions to call on Democrats to support a Green New Deal, protect endangered species, and oppose the fossil fuel pipeline projects.


CREDO members funding climate justice

Every month, CREDO donates to three progressive organizations. In the past 30 years, our members have helped us distribute nearly $20 million total to groups fighting for climate justice and the environment. Recent environmental organizations who we’ve donated to include: Sunrise Movement, Friends of the Earth Action, Rainforest Action Network, the Center for Biological Diversity, Amazon Watch and In total, we’ve donated more than $88 million to progressive groups fighting for the climate, women’s rights, economic equality and more.

To learn more about our donations program and vote for this month’s grantees, click here.