VICTORY: California enacts landmark legislation to protect immigrants

Gov. Brown stands with immigrants and signs the California Values Act

We just threw a huge wrench in Donald Trump’s deportation agenda.
Thanks to the relentless activism of our friends at the ICE Out of California Coalition and tens of thousands of CREDO members, Gov. Brown signed the California Values Act (S.B. 54) into law last week.

S.B. 54 is the strongest statewide policy to protect immigrants from deportation in the country. It makes clear that Californians will not be bullied into scapegoating and criminalizing our immigrant neighbors, friends and family members.

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The strongest version of the California Values Act would have cut off data sharing between the state and federal immigration enforcement, but California leaders caved to pressure from law enforcement and took that provision out at the 11th hour. Together, we forced state lawmakers to hold the line and stopped them from watering down the bill even more.

The version of S.B. 54 that Gov. Brown signed still significantly improves immigrant protections in the state. It restricts the collaboration between local police and immigration agents and serves as model legislation for other states resisting Trump’s anti-immigrant regime.

California is leading the way because people like you are stepping up. More than 63,000 CREDO members joined you in signing our petition and nearly 5,000 called the governor, key legislators and law enforcement officials to get the California Values Act over the finish line.

Thank you for speaking out to protect immigrants. When we show up for each other, we are unstoppable.