Resisting Trump’s racist war on Dreamers

If there’s one singular issue that solidified Donald Trump’s core racist base during his campaign — and now his occupation of the White House — it’s his blind hatred of immigrants. From his absurd proposal to build a wall on our southern border to his dangerous attempts to ban Muslims and refugees from entering the country, Trump’s continued hatred for immigrants and people of color is a constant and real threat to tens of millions of people in our country.

Trump’s latest cruel and heartless attack on immigrants is his recent order to rescind the program known as DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA has allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrant children and young adults who were brought to the country by their parents, known as Dreamers, the ability to obtain driver’s licenses and work permits and live safely in the only country many of them have ever known.

Trump’s cowardly and wildly unpopular decision to end DACA has put more than 800,000 immigrants at risk of deportation and proves how deep-rooted his racism really is. Going after immigrant children and young adults is just another way to advance his white supremacist agenda and terrorize immigrant communities.

But CREDO and our members are resisting Trump’s dangerous attacks on immigrants and Dreamers. Dreamers embody the spirit of the United States in a way that small-minded xenophobic Republicans like Trump will never understand, and CREDO is standing up against the Trump administration’s racist campaign to deport hundreds of thousand of young undocumented immigrants.

Here are some of the ways we are fighting back:

  • More than 175,000 CREDO members recently called on Congress to restore and expand DACA by passing clean legislation without any poison pills from extreme right wingers.
  • More than 125,000 CREDO members have signed a petition calling on Senate Democrats to “block all legislation that would criminalize immigrants and ramp-up deportations.”
  • Since Trump took office, CREDO has been fighting for immigrant rights at the state and local level and run grassroots campaigns in support of stronger protections for immigrant communities in California, New York, Texas, Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • Through CREDO’s monthly donations program, CREDO members have donated more than $700,000 to leading immigrant rights groups.

Restoring DACA will not protect all immigrants from Trump’s hate, but it would bring us one step closer to reaching that goal.