VICTORY: Maryland passes fracking ban

We won. This week, the Maryland Senate passed legislation to permanently ban fracking in the state. As the bill had already passed in the House, the only step left now is Gov. Larry Hogan’s signature. Gov. Hogan initially did not support the ban, but thanks to CREDO members and all the other Marylanders who raised their voices, he reversed course and said he would sign it into law.1

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This victory was the result of powerful, sustained grassroots activism – including the efforts of thousands of CREDO members. Over 7,000 CREDO members signed the petition to Maryland lawmakers and Gov. Hogan. CREDO members made 415 calls to Senate President Mike Miller and Gov. Hogan. And CREDO members joined the Don’t Frack Maryland coalition and other allies to march in Annapolis to demand the fracking ban.

This week Trump signed an executive order dismantling the Clean Power Plan. As extremists take away climate and environmental protections at the federal level, it’s more important than ever for states to take action. Maryland’s fracking ban sends a signal to the rest of the country and the world that we are still committed to our values and our future.
Maryland is just the third state to permanently ban fracking.2 As states step up against fossil fuel interests, we can continue the fight against climate change and protect our air and water for future generations.


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