Your December impact will be felt throughout 2017

Due to the extraordinary nature of the November election, CREDO decided to do something a little different with our donations in December. We chose to double our monthly contribution to progressive nonprofits to $300,000. And instead of asking you to to vote to distribute the funding between three groups, we included 15 organizations focused on three issues areas that will be absolutely critical to fighting back against Trump’s dangerous agenda in 2017 and beyond:

Tens of thousands of CREDO members voted and now the donations results are finally in. Check out how much each group received and learn how your votes and support are making a significant impact for these organizations in 2017.

CREDO double donations: Advancing the Movement for Black LivesTotal category funding: $84,330

Black Alliance for Just Immigration
“Thank you for voting the Movement for Black Lives. With your support, organizations like the Black Alliance for Just Immigration will be able to continue organizing and advocating for racial justice and immigrants’ rights in this new political era.” To learn more, visit

BlackOUT Collective
“Thank you so much CREDO members! Your vote supports our work to train and support direct actions across the county.” To learn more, visit

Black Youth Project 100
“You’re so dope! Thanks to you, we’ll have the resources that we need to continue the work! Engaged, knowledgeable folks like you make it possible for young Black folks all over the country to build Black futures and fight for the freedom that all Black folks deserve. Thank you for your support!” To learn more, visit

Center for Media Justice
“Thank you for supporting us! Because of you, the Center for Media Justice can ramp up our work to defund and dismantle racially biased high tech policing and surveillance against communities of color and activists.” To learn more, visit

Southerners on New Ground (SONG)
“SONG sends a big THANK YOU to all the CREDO members who are helping to build a world where all people can live free from fear – we appreciate you!” To learn more, visit

CREDO double donations: Fighting for Climate Justice
Total category funding: $107,220

Appalachian Voices

“Appalachian Voices is grateful for the support of CREDO and its customers and activists as we work to end mountaintop removal coal mining and usher in a new era of clean energy and a healthy, more sustainable regional economy.” To learn more, visit

Climate Solutions
“Thank you for supporting Climate Solutions! You are helping us grow a powerful movement for solutions to the climate challenge. Together, we can accelerate a just transition away from fossil fuels and toward a clean energy future with equitably-shared prosperity.” To learn more, visit

Honor the Earth
“Engaged people like you help make it possible for Honor the Earth to amplify Native environmental issues and build sustainable Native communities through music, art, media and Indigenous wisdom. Thank you for your support in fighting for climate justice!” To learn more, visit

Louisiana Bucket Brigade
“You voted for fighting for climate justice! THANK YOU. Because of CREDO members like you, we’re standing up to Big Oil in the petroleum-dominated state of Louisiana! Stay tuned in 2017 for the fight against the Bayou Bridge pipeline.” To learn more, visit

“Thank you, CREDO members! Your support will help Rootskeeper and other mighty climate justice organizations continue to fight for a livable planet and empower us to protect communities from the worst effects of fracking and extreme fossil fuel extraction. Together, we can beat back the most toxic practices of the oil and gas industry.” To learn more, visit

Total category funding: $108,450

Florida Immigrant Coalition

“Yes, love does conquer hate! Thank you CREDO members. With your support, we are stronger than racism and xenophobia. The Florida Immigrant Coalition works toward justice for all so we can all belong and live and love without fear.” To learn more, visit

“Thank you to everyone who voted. With your support, Mijente will work tirelessly to stop Trump’s agenda and build an alternative that offers us a better way forward through intersectional movements for racial justice, grassroots power and organizing organizing organizing.” To learn more, visit

Muslim Advocates
“Muslim Advocates salutes CREDO and its members! We are incredibly grateful to you for standing up and taking action to protect those being unfairly attacked. Thank you for supporting freedom and justice for Americans of all faiths.” To learn more, visit

National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)
“At this time of moral imperative, NDLON thanks you for your enduring commitment to the cause of justice and in our fight to defend immigrant worker communities in the United States.” To learn more, visit

New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice
“Thank you for your support of New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice. At this critical moment in our nation, your vote supports work to protect and expand bedrock civil, labor and human rights for low wage workers, communities of color and immigrant communities in New Orleans and across the country.” To learn more, visit


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