The AT&T merger is not in the public interest. #Resist

There was an article in The Hill this week noting that the AT&T merger with Time Warner was structured in such a way that the companies do not have to demonstrate to the FCC that the transaction is “in the public interest.”

This came after a letter was sent to the two companies’ CEOs from Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker. They wrote:

“To achieve greater transparency for regulators, lawmakers, and American consumers, we ask that you provide us with a public interest statement detailing how you plan to ensure that the transaction benefits consumers, promotes competition, remedies all potential harms, and further serves the public interest through the broader policy goals of the Communications Act.”

Regardless of AT&T or Time Warner’s response, we know these companies don’t act in the public interest, your interest or on behalf of your values.

That’s what makes CREDO different. Beyond our contributions to progressive organizations and activism, we believe that corporations have an ethical responsibility that extends beyond their quarterly profits. It’s why in 2014 we became the first mobile phone company to issue a transparency report, why we filed a lawsuit against the FBI challenging the constitutionality of National Security Letters and why – unlike other phone companies – we will never profit by selling your information to the federal government.

If you believe that ethics should trump profits, shouldn’t your phone company believe the same thing?

Now is the time. Switch to CREDO Mobile.