Three handy features in Apple’s new support app

There’s a great new way to get tech help for any of your Apple products that gathers all support options in one convenient, dedicated application. Apple has released its Apple Support app and it’s available for free download at the iOS App Store.

You just launch the app and sign in with your Apple ID. A list of all your Apple ID-registered devices will appear on the app’s home screen. Select the device that’s giving you trouble, then browse among the support topics.

The app provides solutions for just about any glitch you can imagine, with easy and effective fixes for common issues like:

Forgot iCloud Username or Password: The app walks you through the recovery process in simple steps.
Use the forgot password feature in Apple's Support app

Battery & Performance Problems: The app provides guides for optimizing battery life. It also helps you determine possible defects in your battery and, if necessary, directs you to a nearby store for replacement.
Use the battery optimization feature in Apple's Support app

Extended Hardware Support & Repair: For most hardware issues, such as inoperable charging ports, the app can connect you directly to Apple Support for fast assistance.
Use the hardware support feature in Apple's Support app

When you’ve located the topic you need help with – whatever it may be – give it a tap, and the app provides a list of common issues and solutions. For example, under “Repairs and Physical Damage,” you’ll find “Display Is Cracked,” “Accidental Damage,” “Device Is Slow” and other choices.

Select your issue, and you’ll then be presented a list of next steps. Under “Cracked Screen,” for instance, options include “Bring in for Repair” – choose this option and you’ll see a list of nearby Apple retail stores and available appointment times – as well as “Other Support Options,” which include online chat, email and a button you can tap to call an Apple Support technician, with estimated wait times shown on screen. Or you can use the app to schedule a call from Apple at a time that’s convenient for you.

Apple is consistently rated best-in-class for its tech support and its new Apple Support app demonstrates yet again why people love the help they get from Apple. The app is functional, quick and easy to use. Like every other Apple product, it just works. Download it free at the iOS App Store.