Victory: We just struck a blow against the right-wing’s agenda of hate

Our activism works.

On Tuesday, after facing intense pressure from over 265,000 CREDO members and our allies in the progressive community, congressional Republicans caved and agreed to strip the anti-LGBTQ Russell Amendment from the defense spending bill. The provision would have given religiously affiliated organizations license to discriminate against women, the LGBTQ community and religious minorities using taxpayer dollars, undermining the protections currently in place for people employed by federal contractors.


Over 265,000 CREDO activists joined our friends at the ACLU, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Center for American Progress Fund and others to contribute to this crucial victory.

After the presidential election, we made a commitment:  At CREDO, we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with every community Donald Trump and Mike Pence have attacked, threatened and marginalized in their campaign of hate. We will not be silent, and we will not back down.

Defeating the Russell Amendment is just one of many upcoming fights to protect the rights of LGBTQ people. Homophobic right-wing Republicans, including Trump and Pence, are going to keep trying to find ways to push their bigotry into action. But we know that together we can stand up to their hate.

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Today is just another example of what we can accomplish when we work together.

Thank you for your activism.