Breaking news: We’re fighting to protect your privacy

CREDO fights for your privacy
To our progressive community: This is something I’ve wanted to tell you since I became CEO of CREDO but haven’t been able to because of a gag order issued by the federal government.

In 2013, CREDO received two National Security Letters from the FBI. We filed a lawsuit against the FBI challenging the constitutionality of National Security Letters or NSLs. NSLs are a tool the federal government can use to secretly demand information about our customers. The federal government forced us to remain silent about these requests and our fight against them with a gag order. For three long years, we have been forced to keep this lawsuit a secret.

Unlike other phone companies who profit by selling your information to the federal government, privacy is a core value for CREDO, and we will fight to defend it. We have run campaigns opposing the PATRIOT Act and other privacy-violating laws and funded a variety of groups who fought alongside us.

That’s also why in 2014 we became the first mobile phone company to issue a transparency report and why we are the only phone company to earn a five-star rating last year from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for our policies protecting your data from government requests.

We owe a special thank you to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for representing us in this lawsuit, which ably and heroically fought in court to make sure we could exercise our First Amendment rights and talk about these NSLs with you.

You can read the press release further explaining this critical issue here.

I want to thank all of you for being a part of the CREDO family. Families fight to defend each other, and that’s why we’ve sued the government to protect your privacy rights.

By Ray Morris, CREDO Mobile’s CEO.