Three progressive groups we’re funding in October

It’s a new month and that means three new organizations to choose from in our donations election. This month you’ll decide how we divide our monthly donation among three amazing progressive groups: Bold, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Other98.

Each of these organizations is doing incredibly important work to fight for causes that progressives stand for: the environment, civil rights and economic justice. They are effective, they are aggressive and they each have a track record of success.

Learn about each organization’s impressive work and then vote for one, two or all three.

Bold organization logoBold
Bold’s unlikely alliance of farmers, progressives and Tribal Nations stands against risky fossil fuel projects. The small but mighty group helped stop the Keystone XL pipeline and is now fighting to protect land and water from the Dakota Access pipeline.

CREDO funds will help launch a new Bold Landowner Alliance that will aid farmers and ranchers across the country who are facing risky fossil fuels projects. Right now, landowners have no place to turn for legal and grassroots support as they fight pipelines. This will provide much-need infrastructure to take on these legal disputes.

2016_10_don_blog_naacpldfNAACP Legal Defense Fund
The NAACP Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is the country’s foremost civil and human rights law firm that is currently focused on protecting the right to vote.

With CREDO’s support, LDF plans to expand its voting rights work for the November elections. With access to polls at risk for people of color due to many new discriminatory state and local election laws, LDF will devote more of its resources to voter education and voter protection activities. Your votes can help make sure these efforts are carried out without the need to cut back on other mission-critical work.

Other98 is a unique storytelling and direct action force that reaches and engages millions of folks every day, and is committed to peacefully smashing the corporate stranglehold that Big Banks, Big Pharma and Big Oil have on our democracy.

The organization has launched some incredibly creative tactics, including using activists in kayaks to prevent Shell from moving a drilling rig into the Arctic. Now, with the support of CREDO, it will train more people to engage in similar direct action campaigns.

Your votes will decide how CREDO distributes funding to these three incredible groups. Please cast your vote to support one, two or all three by October 31.

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