VIDEO: Nobel Prize winner fact checks the president on TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will hurt millions of Americans by eviscerating broad swaths of regulations that protect consumers, workers, the environment and our financial system. Yet due to a nearly-complete blackout of coverage of this trade deal in the traditional corporate media, you wouldn’t know it.

The lack of proper media scrutiny has enabled TPP’s supporters in the Obama administration and their corporate allies to spread lies and misinformation about this giant trade deal without any pushback. Even worse, the President himself has told some of these falsehoods about this corporate power grab.

If the media won’t do its job, we need to do it for them. That’s why CREDO turned to Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and the head of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, Lori Wallach, to fact check President Obama’s statements on the TPP in this short video.

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With the text of the deal now public, some key Republicans who supported Fast Track authority for approving the TPP are now saying they cannot support the trade deal as it stands. That means the president currently does not have the votes to pass the TPP. We need to keep it that way and thwart any momentum toward passage of the TPP in this Congress.