Your voice in action

The voices of CREDO members have played a huge part from the beginning of the campaign against Republican obstruction. Numerous media outlets have followed your efforts.

In late February CREDO joined with progressive organizations including, Democracy for America, People For the American Way, Color of Change, Every Voice, Daily Kos, Demand Progress, Common Cause, PCCC, UltraViolet and NextGen Climate to deliver more than 1.3 million petitions to Capitol Hill demanding that Senate Republicans “do their jobs” and stop obstructing President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

Thanks to your activism, CREDO members’ petitions were personally given to Sens. Al Franken, Chris Murphy, Richard Blumenthal. and Chuck Schumer.

The Washington Post reported on the delivery, writing:

On Wednesday, several progressive groups, including CREDO, and People For the American Way, delivered 1.3 million petition signatures to the Senate, denouncing Senate Republicans’ blockade on hearings.

Our campaign continues to have a real impact on this debate. Reuters reported in March on in-state actions taken by CREDO members:

Liberal groups, including CREDO Action and Civic Action, said they would rally at various locations on Monday calling on Senate Republicans to “Do Your Job” and put Garland through a full confirmation process.

One rally was planned for outside the Des Moines, Iowa, office of Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, which would convene any hearings.

Even the New York Times has noticed the difference CREDO members are making in this fight:

On the left, environmental, gay rights, women’s rights and civil rights groups, as well as labor unions and grass-roots organizers like CREDO and have teamed up. With regular conference calls and meetings organized by top former Obama aides and consulting firms, they are preparing to blast a single message to the Senate nationwide: #DoYourJob.

You can take action and help fight Republican obstruction by visiting our special website: