Another perfect 5 star rating for CREDO privacy policies

Do you value your privacy? So do we.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation just released its 2015 report, “Who Has Your Back? Protecting Your Data from Government Requests.”

And for the second year in a row, CREDO is the only mobile phone company to earn a perfect score. AT&T and Verizon received just 1 star and 2 stars respectively, a decline from their 2014 ratings.

CREDO is leading the fight against abusive government surveillance and actively works to defend our members’ data from government spying.

We’re one of only nine tech firms to receive a perfect score in EFF’s 2015 privacy report. We’re the only mobile phone company to earn 5 stars.

“CREDO has adopted every best practice we’ve identified as part of this report,” the EFF report reads. “We commend CREDO for its strong stance regarding user rights, transparency and privacy.” Companies like CREDO “show that it is practical for major technology companies to adopt best practices around transparency and stand by their users when the government comes knocking.”

CREDO is proud to be leading the way in adopting policies to protect customer privacy. But our work to fight back against abusive government surveillance doesn’t stop there. Thanks to CREDO members, who empower all of our activism, we’ve also been a leader in the fight to sunset the Patriot Act and we’ve gone to bat to oppose the NSA’s dragnet and the surveillance state.

If you think your privacy is important, then think about switching to CREDO Mobile (if you’re not with us already!).