The latest Republican attack on women


Here they go again.

Republicans in Congress have introduced another bill to cut off women’s access to health care. This time they are trying to eliminate Title X, the only federal program devoted to providing low-income women with family planning services, birth control, well-woman visits, and STD and cancer screenings.1

Why do Republicans want to cut a program that not only provides vital medical care to nearly 4.6 million women but saved around two billion dollars last year?2 Because a quarter of Title X funds go to Planned Parenthood clinics. And there’s no better way to score political points with your extremist, anti-woman base, than to attack Planned Parenthood, no matter the consequences for women and their families.

Republicans in Congress have to stop playing politics with women’s lives. Tell them not to cut family planning funding. Click here to sign the petition.

The Fiscal Year 2016 Labor, Health and Human Services Funding BIll not only guts Title X, it also eliminates 80 percent of funds for comprehensive teen pregnancy prevention, and doubles funding for unproven abstinence-only sex education. If it passes it would have a devastating impact on women’s health, especially for the 4.6 million women who depend on Title X every year — who are mainly women in rural communities and low-income women.

It’s the height of hypocrisy that a Republican party committed to blocking women’s access to abortion would slash a program that averted 1.2 million pregnancies in 2010. It shows that Republicans are so committed to grandstanding against Planned Parenthood that they’re willing to throw women and their families under the bus.

Tell Republicans: Don’t play politics with women’s lives. Keep your hands off Title X Parenthood. Click here to sign the petition.

Planned Parenthood does invaluable work providing healthcare for women. When Republicans scheme to defund them, they’re threatening women’s lives.

1. Emily Crockett, “House GOP tries to eliminate public funding for family planning,” RH Reality Check, 6/16/2015.
2. Katie McDonough, “Here’s how much the House GOP wants to spend to make sure low-income women can’t get birth control,” Salon, 6/16/2015.