Grantee highlight: Advocates for Trans Equality fights for the legal and political rights of transgender people

Note from the CREDO Mobile team: This June, Advocates for Trans Equality is among three amazing groups that will receive a share of our monthly grant. Funding from the CREDO Mobile community will support Advocates for Trans Equality in its work to create a world where trans people can live their lives joyfully and without barriers.

 Read this important blog post about Advocates for Trans Equality’s critical work, then visit and cast your vote to help send funding to the group to assist its efforts — and the efforts of our other outstanding June grantees.

In March, the National Center for Transgender Equality and the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund merged to form Advocates for Trans Equality. This was a significant moment in the ongoing fight for transgender equality.

The launch of Advocates for Trans Equality (A4TE) isn’t just the merger of two powerful organizations, it’s a beacon of hope in a time when the rights of transgender people are under constant attack. This unification signifies a critical step forward — but the journey toward true equality will be long, requiring both celebration and unwavering support.

Let’s first acknowledge the cause for celebration. A4TE brings together the National Center for Transgender Equality and the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, two organizations that boast a combined 40 years of experience in securing legal and political victories for the transgender community. Their work has been instrumental in dismantling barriers, promoting understanding and paving the way for a more just society. Thus A4TE is a force multiplier, combining expertise, resources and a powerful collective voice that will significantly amplify the fight for transgender equality.

This celebration, however, is shadowed by a stark reality. The fact that we need an organization like A4TE emphasizes the ongoing struggle for the basic rights of trans people. Anti-trans legislation is on the rise, targeting rights from healthcare access to routine community activities. Transgender people face discrimination in housing, employment and public spaces. They were the subject of 510+ anti-trans bills throughout the U.S. in 2023 alone. The fight for equality is far from over but A4TE will be a powerful force of resilience and determination for the transgender community.

This is where our role as allies is crucial. Celebrating A4TE is a fantastic first step but it cannot be the only one. We must move forward in solidarity with our transgender siblings. This means actively educating ourselves about transgender identities and experiences. It means challenging prejudice and discrimination wherever we see it. It means advocating for inclusive policies and legislation.

There are countless ways to demonstrate solidarity. Please support A4TE and our fight to promote equitable transgender initiatives. Please amplify trans voices on social media and in your community. And, perhaps most important, please listen with an open mind and heart to the experiences of transgender people.

The launch of A4TE is a victory — a victory shared by many. It’s a testament to the strength of the transgender community and a call to action for allies. Let us celebrate this milestone but let us not forget the fight that continues. Together, through unwavering commitment and collective action, we can help create a world where transgender people are not just tolerated but celebrated for who they are.

For CREDO Mobile customers, supporting A4TE is an investment in a more just and equitable future. CREDO Mobile is a company built on progressive values and A4TE’s mission to secure legal and lived equality for transgender people perfectly aligns with those values. When you vote to direct a grant to us this June, you’re not just making a contribution, you’re supporting an organization that makes a real difference in the lives of transgender people. It’s a powerful way to turn your everyday actions into positive change.