delivers large-scale change for our planet and its people

Note from the CREDO Mobile team: This November, is among three amazing groups that will receive a share of our monthly grant. Funding from the CREDO Mobile community will help as it builds collective power through campaigns that turn small actions into massive, lasting results for our planet.

Read this important blog post about’s critical work, then visit and cast your vote to help send funding to to support its efforts—and the efforts of our other outstanding November grantees.

Our world needs massive, innovative solutions to its most pressing climate and environmental problems, and delivers.

In our effort to secure a healthy, thriving future for everyone on Earth—our one and only home—we’ve succeeded time and time again. We’ve done it by drawing undeniable links between specific corporate and governmental behavior and ongoing environmental crises, putting pressure on the people who can fix them, and offering guidance, support and actionable plans to key decision-makers as they transition to responsible long-term solutions.

Whether we’re protecting old-growth forests from irresponsible logging, stopping harmful fossil fuel projects in their tracks and reducing demand for fossil fuels around the world, giving cities the tools they need to make their communities safe from fossil fuels or changing the face of a polluting, carbon-dependent global transportation industry, we’ve led corporations and governments to embrace meaningful, enduring change.

Two decades of effective action

Since our founding more than 20 years ago, the Stand community has:

  • Secured government agreements to protect tens of millions of acres of endangered ecosystems, from the temperate rainforests of British Columbia and Chile to the Amazon rainforest, Boreal forests and many more. Around the world, we’ve shown what we can accomplish with the power of the global Stand network.
  • Stopped or delayed 21 dirty oil and gas mega-projects, from the Enbridge Corporation’s Northern Gateway Pipelines in Canada to oil train terminals across North America to Royal Dutch Shell’s plan to drill for fracked gas in the Tahltan First Nation’s Sacred Headwaters region in British Columbia.
  • Reached over 1,540 institutions representing more than $40 trillion in assets that have committed to some level of fossil fuel divestment. We pressed for the world’s first policy by an international bank to end financing for oil and gas in the Amazon, which took billions of dollars off the table for this destructive industry. We also grew reinvestment in climate-safe solutions, including a $7 billion reinvestment by New York City’s pension fund, far exceeding its 2018 goal of $4 billion.
  • Catalyzed 150 government policies (and counting) that phase out fossil fuels and fast-track clean, more efficient energy solutions in communities that are home to over 66 million people, including the world’s first ban on new fossil fuel exports in a refinery community.
  • Moved more than $100 billion of financial power from sector-leading brands like Levi’s, Starbucks and 3M to set new standards for climate-safe behavior and corporate consumption.

Building strength for future impact

These precedent-setting accomplishments are only the beginning. We continue to grow as an organization and a movement. From a small core of founding members, we’ve expanded into a dedicated staff of 70 in 2023. With new staff members in key locations, we’re more capable than ever of providing the rapid response that is key to keeping ecosystems—and the people who live in them—healthy and safe.

Your vote through CREDO Mobile is a vote in support of a climate-safe, fossil-free future in which governments, corporations and infrastructure serve the needs of our planet and its people. Thank you. To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.