How a unique program powers positive change in the world

War, climate change, growing inequality. Plastic pollution and political chaos. Laws against women’s health and hate for LGBTQ+ people. There’s a lot of bad news in the world. You know this.

But you should also know this: there is good news. CREDO Mobile makes it every day. We do it by funding nonprofits devoted to positive change through a unique—and uniquely effective—donations program.

It works this way. When our customers use our service, they generate funds for the program. At the end of each month, we take those funds and grant them to three nonprofit groups dedicated to progressive change. Then, the next month, we do it again. Since 1985, we’ve given over $94 million to groups fighting for causes like climate justice, equal rights and an economy that’s fair for everyone.

These donations cost our customers nothing extra. But they mean everything to the groups we support. And they work. Here are just a few of the changes our nonprofit partners have powered recently.

  • Amazon Watch pressed President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to veto a right-wing attempt to restrain the rising strength of Indigenous peoples in Brazil. This is a critical win for Indigenous rights and for the Amazon rainforest.
  • Social Security Works shared the truth about new House Speaker Mike Johnson. He’s an enemy of Social Security who wants to raise the retirement age, cut benefits and force women to have babies so the ultra-wealthy can continue avoiding their fair share of Social Security contributions.
  • stopped or delayed 21 fossil fuel mega-projects, from bitumen pipelines to oil train terminals to natural-gas fracking. If we are to avoid climate catastrophe, it’s crucial that projects like these be halted now.
  • March for Our Lives organized nationwide protests following the horrific mass shootings in Buffalo, NY, and Uvalde, TX, to demand that elected officials take action. Soon after the protests, bipartisan gun reform legislation was passed and signed into law by President Biden, the first major gun safety legislation by Congress in nearly 30 years.
  • Equal Rights Advocates drove workplace-justice reforms in California to protect half a million domestic workers and garment factory workers from unsafe conditions and wage theft.

A lot of dollars for change

Our nonprofit partners were able to do all these things—and much more—because CREDO Mobile members did one thing: they used their phones. Yes, it really is that simple. And it’s enormously impactful, raising real money and powering real victories for progressive causes.

We make a difference—and that’s why we’re different. Our passion is not dollars, it’s change. And we operate a donations program robust and effective enough to make it happen.

It’s sorely needed. Just read the news. A lot of it is bad. Join us and you’ll get the great feeling that comes with knowing you’re part of a movement that brings good news to life every day.

You’ll also get everything you want in a phone company: competitive rates, great deals on new devices and service on the nation’s top-rated network.

Ready to switch? Ready to take action and make progressive change? It’s easy to do. You can bring the phone you have now. And you can choose from a variety of affordable plans to suit you—same as the other carriers.

There are not many companies these days that share your values. All too often, their values and your values aren’t even in the same area code. We’re different. We believe in positive change, just like you—and we make it happen every day. Join us.