This Thanksgiving, we’ll help Feeding America serve half a million meals

There are 34 million hungry people in the U.S. Many who are workers earning low wages and can’t afford groceries after paying the month’s bills. Or who lost their job and fell into hunger by plain bad luck.

They’re people like Lamont, who supported his family working for a cable TV company when he caught a piece of wire in his eye and lost much of his vision, then his job. After that, he had a choice: pay to light and heat his home or buy groceries. Some days he and his wife didn’t eat so their kids could. Fortunately, they found a local food pantry supported by Feeding America and it got them through their hard time. Lamont is now a director at the food pantry.

This is what Feeding America does. It gives a hand to people who are hungry until they get back on their feet. The largest charity working to end food insecurity in the U.S., it partners with food banks, food pantries and local food programs to bring meals to those 34 million Americans who regularly face hunger, 9 million of them children.

CREDO Mobile supports Feeding America. And this Thanksgiving, when many sit down to celebrate with a feast, we’ll be donating funds for Feeding America to provide half a million meals to people who might otherwise go hungry.

We’re able to do this due to the support of CREDO Mobile members, who generate money for this donation—and all our donations—just by using our service. And for that we are thankful.

Since 1985, we’ve given over $94 million to nonprofit groups like Feeding America, every one of them working hard to make our world a more fair, just and sustainable place. The groups we support focus on many different issues—from climate change to social justice to women’s health—but all share a vision of a more progressive world where everyone has equal rights, a livable environment and enough food to eat.

If you’re a CREDO Mobile member, thanks for standing with us in the fight for the causes we believe in. If you’re not a member, please consider joining now and helping us support nonprofits like Feeding America.

You’ll get everything you want from a phone company: competitive rates, great deals on new devices and service on the nation’s top-rated network. And you’ll get one thing no other phone company can give: the good feeling that comes with knowing you make the world a better place just by using your phone.

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