The ACLU: Defending the right of all people to be themselves, fully, freely and with joy

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November 13 marks the start of Transgender Awareness Week, a time for us to reflect, celebrate and advocate. This year, it’s especially significant.

LGBTQ rights, and especially trans rights, are under attack. In 2023, nearly 500 anti-LGBTQ bills, most of which target transgender and nonbinary people, were introduced in state legislatures across the country. Eighty-four bills passed into law in 23 states, with 19 states passing bans on gender-affirming care for trans youth. In Congress, opponents of LGBTQ equality continue to push extremely concerning provisions, including those eroding trans people’s safety and rights, in critical government funding bills.

But the ACLU continues to fight back by working in state legislatures, challenging unconstitutional policies in court and mobilizing supporters to protect trans rights.

Client spotlight: Dylan Brandt

In Arkansas, the ACLU and ACLU of Arkansas, along with our law firm partners, are challenging a ban on gender-affirming care on behalf of clients like Dylan Brandt.

Dylan is a teenager in Arkansas who lives with his mom, Joanna, and his younger brother in a small town of 10,000 people where Joanna owns a boutique she’s been running for two years.

When Dylan finished 7th grade, he told his mom he is a boy in a note he made his brother give to her. While Joanna was initially surprised, she looked back on his life and realized that it made sense. Dylan had “rejected all things feminine” from the moment he could make decisions about his life. He had also been experiencing depression and anxiety in social situations. Dylan has now been on testosterone for over two years, which has been transformative for him. Today, he’s a happy, confident kid.

In 2021, Arkansas passed HB 1570, a ban on gender-affirming healthcare for trans young people. The ACLU and ACLU of Arkansas challenged this law right away and it remains blocked. If this law were to take effect, Dylan would lose the medical care he has been relying on and which he needs to sustain his health and well-being. He and his family might have to leave Arkansas.

Fighting for trans justice across the U.S.

Our case in Arkansas is part of the ACLU’s nationwide trans justice work, which includes:

  • Protecting gender-affirming care: the ACLU continues to stop or delay harms resulting from bans on gender-affirming care in Arkansas, Indiana, Montana and many other states.
  • Defending the rights of trans youth in school: the ACLU has pending cases in three states that would overturn cruel sports bans that prevent kids from playing with their peers, building on our recent win in Idaho.
  • Defending drag performance: earlier in 2023, the ACLU successfully challenged a drag ban in Utah and, in September, the ACLU of Texas won a permanent injunction, successfully blocking a law that would have censored drag performances across the state.
  • And much more.

How you can make a difference
As we continue the fight for LGBTQ freedom today, we need you to join with us.

With your support, we will continue this important work until the day that trans, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people can self-determine their identities and live free from violence and discrimination in all aspects of life. Whatever attacks they may throw at us, we at the ACLU are here now and always to protect peoples’ rights. Count on it.

Learn about the ACLU’s trans justice work here.

And learn more about the ACLU’s 100-plus-year history of defending civil rights and civil liberties at