Defend our democracy: Support the Brennan Center for Justice

Note from the CREDO Mobile team: This October, the Brennan Center for Justice is among three amazing groups that will receive a share of our monthly grant. Funding from the CREDO Mobile community will help the Brennan Center as it works to reform, revitalize and, when necessary, defend our country’s systems of democracy and justice—for all.

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American democracy faces unprecedented, unrelenting attacks that grow ever bolder in their attempts to undermine our country’s foundations. The Brennan Center for Justice, a leading nonpartisan agency for democracy reform, is fighting against these attacks and for our principles on multiple fronts. Since 1995, our expertise, innovation, partnerships and proven track record have placed us at the forefront of a growing movement—one that seeks to revitalize, reform and protect our systems of democracy and justice.

At the height of the pandemic, the Brennan Center and our allies worked with election officials across the country to combat widespread disinformation, vote suppression and threats of violence against poll workers during the 2020 election cycle. Our efforts resulted in record voter turnout and one of the smoothest elections in recent history. Yet antidemocratic forces refused to accept defeat. They lied about a stolen election. They filed meritless lawsuits. They stormed the Capitol and election deniers refused to certify valid election results even after witnessing the horrifying attack on the seat of government. They brazenly tried to hold onto power however they could.

Since then, antidemocratic forces have only ramped up their assaults, using every tool at their disposal to strip away the right to vote from eligible citizens and defy constitutional law. But the Brennan Center, thanks to individuals and organizations like CREDO Mobile, is well prepared to meet the growing challenges. We are committed to fighting for an American democracy that lives up to its ideals—and one that works for all of us.

With just over a year left before the 2024 presidential election, our work ahead will focus on protecting the election. This will include countering attempts to restrict voting access and ensuring the safety of election officials who are simply doing their jobs. We will continue to fight fiction with facts, battling deliberate efforts to sow mistrust in the election process. And we will continue to help the most marginalized communities fight for fair representation.

We defend free and fair elections

There is a powerful, coordinated plot to rig elections, target voters of color and subvert valid election results. The Brennan Center has a four-part strategy to protect the next election from that plot, concentrating our efforts in battleground states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Texas, where our partnerships and demonstrated effectiveness run deep.

Stopping election subversion. The Brennan Center wrote the national plan to save the last presidential election. Now we will leverage our credibility to urge states to adopt five essential steps to ensure the integrity of the 2024 election cycle—steps that include clear standards of conduct for poll watches and improvements to the handling of mailed ballots. We are also prepared to go to court to stop radicals from upending election results and halt voter intimidation. Already, we successfully directed legal and messaging campaigns that led the Supreme Court to reject the radical “independent state legislature theory,” which would have given state legislatures unchecked power to suppress and gerrymander votes.

Supporting election officials. Election workers experienced an extraordinary level of threats against themselves and their families during the 2020 election cycle. The Brennan Center’s strong advocacy helped secure $1 billion in funding to support state election administration. For the 2024 election cycle, we are partnering with current and former election officials to strengthen infrastructure, prepare for disruptions and confront the new threats that artificial intelligence poses to our democratic process, such as supercharging disinformation.

Fighting voter suppression. The Brennan Center won six court cases against the Ohio legislature over its extreme gerrymanders yet the legislature continues to defy rulings in our favor. We are now working with our plaintiffs to put independent redistricting on the ballot for 2024, lending our nonpartisan policy expertise, rigorous research, and media savvy to this and other state battles.

Educating the public. The power of public opinion to change the course of history is well proven and the Brennan Center aims to win more advocates for democracy in this space. With 350,000 newsletter subscribers and a wide social media following across several platforms, we provide trusted sources of information and analysis. Journalists and allies use our research, explainers and op-eds to drive awareness and impact. The Brennan Center also created Brennan en Espanol, a website with translations of our more pertinent pieces that reach a Spanish-speaking audience. And we just launched the State Court Report, a site that tracks constitutional law cases and developments across 50 states. With a conservative Supreme Court, state courts take on greater importance in the fight to protect individual rights against regressive rulings.

Your support will strengthen democracy

Your vote for the Brennan Center for Justice in this month’s CREDO Mobile donations election will ensure that our expert staff and leadership can remain independent, stand firm against forces determined to bring American democracy down and find groundbreaking solutions that strengthen our democracy.