Join the movement: Stand for dignity and equality in domestic work

Note from the CREDO team: This August, the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) is among three amazing groups that will receive a share of our monthly grant. Support from the CREDO community will help the NDWA in its effort to win respect, recognition, and labor rights and protections for the nearly 2.5 million nannies, housecleaners and homecare workers who do the essential work of caring for our loved ones and our homes.

Read this important blog post about the National Domestic Workers Alliance’s critical work, then click here to visit and cast your vote to help send funding to the NDWA to support its efforts—and the efforts of our other outstanding August grantees.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance has a special campaign running this summer while Senators and Representatives will be in their home districts. They are working to pass The Federal Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Click here to learn more about this campaign.

PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT: Help us win a Federal Domestic Bill of Rights. Sign the pledge and let us know how you want to get involved to help us pass this critical piece of legislation!

At the heart of our nation’s progress lies a group of unsung heroes: domestic workers. These 2.2 million nannies, house cleaners, and homecare workers tirelessly care for our loved ones and homes, making all other work possible. Their dedication is crucial, yet their labor often goes undervalued, leaving them vulnerable to low pay, abuse, sexual harassment and a lack of protections and rights.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is revolutionizing this narrative. As one of the country’s leading progressive social movement organizations, we fight for respect, recognition, and labor rights for domestic workers. Our mission is rooted in the unwavering pursuit of justice, equality, and the profound interdependence that binds us all in society. 

Join us in reshaping the future of domestic work and forging a world where every worker thrives with dignity and empowerment.

Our multi-pronged approach paves the way for success:

  • Organizing and Empowerment: NDWA provides a supportive space for domestic workers to access resources, skills training, benefits, and advocacy tools.
  • Policy Solutions: We develop innovative policies that improve working conditions and economic security, advocating for their passage with the help of workers, supporters, and partners.
  • Shifting Narratives: By teaming up with artists and storytellers, we leverage popular culture to amplify the voices and stories of domestic workers.
  • Embracing Technology: We harness the power of technology to create new opportunities and enhance dignity in domestic work.
  • Mobilizing Voters: Educating and engaging underrepresented women of color voters is critical to building a better world.
  • Mobilizing Voters: Educating and engaging underrepresented women of color voters is critical to building a better world.
  • Pledge your Support: We believe that all workers, no matter their job, should be treated fairly and have safe workplaces. The Federal Domestic Workers Bill of Rights is an important step to make this happen.

Recent victories speak to the power of our movement. We have achieved 13 Domestic Worker Bills of Rights so far, including a landmark win in Washington, DC, where we secured legal protections against discrimination and abuse.

This year, we celebrated the White House’s recognition of April as Care Workers Recognition Month, which was backed by a historic Executive Order to support caregivers – the outcome of years of relentless organizing and campaigning.

But we won’t stop here. We will continue to leverage all opportunities to increase wages and protections in the near and long-term. In Philadelphia, we launched our Anti-Retaliation Campaign, empowering workers to assert their rights without fear of any repercussions. Our Georgia team is seeking to raise the wages of direct care workers through American Rescue Plan Act Funds at the state level, and at the local and municipal level, looking to tap into State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to win allocations for workforce development training and certification courses that would enable personal care aides to access certified nursing assistants (CNAs) jobs which would make them eligible for higher-paying roles. All the while keeping our eyes set on passing more state and local Domestic Worker Bills of Rights, including the New Jersey Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, as well as a National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

With your support, we aim to transform domestic work for an inclusive and equitable future.

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