Try this one amazing tip to declutter your phone’s photo library to save space

If your smartphone’s photo library is anything like ours, it’s a total mess. Old selfies, mistaken or duplicate pictures, long videos you saved that you’ll never watch again.

All those files are taking up valuable space and keeping your library too cluttered.

Here’s one quick hack that will easily clean up your camera roll and save a ton of space on your smartphone.

This clever tip comes courtesy of TikTok creator Kayla Kerr, who suggests setting aside a couple minutes every day to look through your photo library to declutter unwanted photos and videos, with one special twist:


it’s also like your own personal TimeHop which is fun

♬ original sound – Kayla


Kayla suggests opening your photo library and searching for the current month and day, which will bring up all the photos and videos that were created on that day in previous years and you can decide which files you want to keep or delete.

This method is a much more manageable and less overwhelming way to clean up the images on your smartphone than trying to tackle your photo library all at once.

One last tip: Set yourself a daily reminder — and your camera roll will be clean in 365 days!