Vote for Center for Economic and Policy Research, Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Take Back the Court

Every month, CREDO members vote to distribute our monthly grant to three incredible progressive causes – and every vote makes a difference. This July, you can support groups fighting for economic justice, abortion rights and expanding the Supreme Court by voting to fund the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Take Back the Court.

  Center for Economic and Policy Research

CEPR fights for economic justice everywhere. We provide progressive research and ideas to push Congress for economic policy that empowers all people to prosper, not just those at the top.

CREDO’s support will fund CEPR’s Full Employment For All campaign. We are lifting demands made 60 years ago at the March for Jobs and Freedom to push Congress to fix the nation’s chronic joblessness problem through a national subsidized jobs program.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Planned Parenthood was founded over 100 years ago on the revolutionary idea that women have the right to access the information and care they need to live strong, healthy lives. Today, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund fights to protect that right.

Funding from CREDO members will help the Planned Parenthood Action Fund fight to restore and advance abortion access wherever possible while laying the foundation to reclaim and expand reproductive rights for all.

Take Back the Court

The current Supreme Court poses a grave danger to a wide range of issues. By expanding and rebalancing the Court, we can rebuild democracy, protect the rights of women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people of color, tackle the climate crisis, and more.

This term, the Supreme Court will decide major cases threatening democracy, the environment, racial & economic justice, and more. Funding from CREDO members at this critical moment will allow us to mobilize progressive activists to take action.

Your vote this month will determine how we divide our monthly donations among these three progressive groups. Be sure to cast your vote to support one, two or all three by July 31.

CREDO members who use our products and services everyday are the reason we are able to make these donations each month. Learn more about CREDO Mobile and join our movement.