Going Boldly Forward to End Violence with Futures Without Violence

Note from the CREDO team: This March, Futures Without Violence is among three amazing groups that will receive a share of our monthly grant. Funding from the CREDO community will power FUTURES to collaborate and implement innovative solutions with community-based partners and meet the high demand for resources, materials, and programs to support survivors, their families, and broader communities.

Read this important blog post from the group’s founder and president Esta Soler, then click here to visit CREDODonations.com to cast your vote to help determine how we distribute our monthly grant to this organization and our other amazing grantees this March.

At Futures Without Violence, we are being called to step boldly into this moment.

It’s a time when places like Buffalo, Half Moon Bay, and Uvalde have become household words. When more than 1 out of every 3 children will grow up in homes exposed to domestic violence. And when a pandemic has left many of us facing serious health and economic struggles.

We believe we don’t have to live like this – and that everyone can play a part to prevent and respond to violence. How?

FUTURES has always put those who are most in harm’s way at the center of our work, whether it’s a woman facing violence, a child in crisis, a school devastated by gun violence, or a community – and country – facing deep division.

Our Love Letter to Survivors is one tool in our work with individuals. It reminds people living with violence or abuse now, and those who survived it, that they are worthy of love, of joy, of thriving – that they are strong and resilient, and that tomorrow is within reach. It sends the message that hope and change are possible and is a call to action for anyone who wants to help.

We also support the organizations that step in, instead of stepping away, when times are tough. From a nationwide network of community organizations confronting hate crimes in their communities, to a collective of California nonprofits pioneering new ways to prevent and end early childhood adversity, we identify resources and create ways for local innovators to share ideas and wisdom so that, collectively, they become stronger, surer, and even more effective.

Last year, we:

  •       Pioneered groundbreaking research that showed for the first time that 8 in 10 teens who experience dating violence also report financial abuse
  •       Unlocked with partners more than $2 billion in public funds for programs that prevent violence, provide economic supports, and help survivors heal in the U.S. and internationally
  •       Equipped thousands of first responders across healthcare, education, legal systems and more, to reach survivors with lifesaving support
  •       Launched with partners a first of its kind national network of mental health responders embedded in the activities young people love – like sports, video games and mentoring
  •       Continued our track record of financial excellence, receiving the highest possible marks from charity watchdog groups like Charity Navigator – 4 out of 4 stars for over a decade and counting (fewer than 5% of charities share that distinction).

There’s a fundamental truth that drives all our work: We’re all connected. We’re in this together. None of us can be strong and safe when any of us face poverty, toxic stress, discrimination, violence or hate.

For more than 40 years, FUTURES has been a powerful force for healing, compassion, equity and unity. We bring people, families, and communities together. We lift people up when others tear them down. We inspire people and help them find courage, show empathy, offer support, and counter abuse, discrimination and oppression.

We make progress, even in these tough times. And we will continue working to heal and strengthen families and communities.

We invite each one of you to be a part of our journey and change the world with us. For more information, you can find us at www.futureswithoutviolence.org.